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»Well written, poignant and timely.«

Adam Widawski

Founder at Logos Training Lab & Sensemaking Mentor

»Your posts are far richer than 99% of what I see.«

Charlotte Del Signore

Career & Life Coach

»You have a unique gift.«

Michael Haupt

Co-Founder of the Transition Collective
"The Joyful Collapsologist"

»Followed you yesterday and knew I would love your pieces – day 1 and I already love them!«

Denisa Kasa

World Energy Council & Writer

»Woah, it’s rare to see such a genuinely thoughtful and intriguingly controversial take.«

Justin Morris

Unapologetically overeducated B2B tech copywriter

»Amazing – your writing style and thought quality doesn’t remind me of anyone else.«

Theo Winter

Creative & Copywriter

What's the GO Signal about?

Fan your regenerative mission some digital and psychological tailwind:

1. First Principles of Digital Marketing

Noise vs signal: Embark on a quest for the magic 20% of efforts that bring 80% of results.

2. Financing Regeneration

A historical quest: Solving the puzzle of bringing a net degenerative system to fund its antithesis.

3. Rethinking Digital Marketing

Impact with integrity: The power and purpose of marketing in a liminal chapter of the human story.

4. Psychological Patterns

Reshape reality: Build psychological acumen wielded with integrity to positively influence human behaviour.

5. Digital Leverage

Amplify yourself: Liberate time from results with digital systems – without betraying beauty, humanity and poetry.

Will always be served with a pinch of storytelling, some post-tragic love for the unique historical process that's unfolding before our feet, and some tongue-in-cheek to spice up the journey.


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