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Green Marketing instead of Greenwashing

Scale your green business with digital marketing

The problem we set out to solve

A global crisis bigger than any pandemic

It's easy to miss the big picture in a blur of duty, dopamine and daily news.

With greenwashing, carbon credits and other stamp-and-ink stunts made up to tippy toe around true environmental action, we won't stop ecosystem collapse or hit international climate goals.

So while old industries are joining a competition in green action faking, a linear economy erodes the very foundation we all stand on, each and every day.

Not only is regulation lacking and lobbying for more destruction at an all time high, but crucial green solutions fail to take off commercially.

How does this happen?

  1. Green products are ready to be sold but the people ready to buy just can’t find them.

  2. Green businesses are ready to deserve success but fail in their marketing efforts and silently file for bankruptcy.

  3. Green ideas are ready to be heard but too often just don’t connect to the human brain, so sustainability quickly becomes a bore and gets forgotten.

This is not made up to make a point, we have seen all of it. What’s needed for the future of our kids shipwrecks at the shore of harsh reality every day.

And every day, your unsustainable competition sells like crazy.

Have you noticed a pattern?

does not sell itself.

So we have to.
No matter where you are right now, how can you get …
from this little plant to this big tree
To help you scale your business digitally, we use three pillars of effective marketing*
*applied exclusively to green businesses


Be easy to find and inspire people

Experts agree that most green solutions already exist. It’s just that people don’t find them or bounce off if they do. Three simple-but-effective ways will help people find you, understand your message and buy the change they want to see in the world.

Why growintoflow

What’s unique about us?

We are a growing team with a shared trait of curiosity, steep learning curves and backgrounds in different arts and sciences that make us really get what you’re doing.

From agile brand design, art direction and neuro design to circular engineering, biochemistry and soil science: We've done our homework and bring a level of broad understanding to our work that you won't find at many other agencies.

This is why we are confident to generate results you will be delighted with. We owe it to the niche we picked.


»The look and feel is simply to the point!«

In 30 years of usually tiring experience with agencies, growintoflow stands out to me as refreshingly different. It feels redundant to say that I recommend working with these guys – the industry needs more of their kind!

Stefan Endlweber, CEO of Baukom‍

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