Digital Marketing for business leaders, CEOs and consultants on a circular, regenerative and rewilding mission

Your mission matters.
Does your marketing match?

You’re here to change the game and make waves, not ripples.  But no matter how brilliant and timely an idea, there’s no guarantee for attention and resonance. Does the punch of your marketing match the urgency of your mission?

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What will you grow
before you go?

All the solutions we need are right there, they just need some sun and water. That's why we communicate exclusively for clients with an evolutionary spark like… 

Circular Economy Players
Regenerative Businesses
Biodiversity Warriors
Purpose-Driven Consultants
Like this one…

Bauwende Initiative

The initiative aims to provide a refreshingly regenerative perspective for top managers, based on the vision to realize a circular economy inspired by Cradle to Cradle as a new standard in the construction sector. You can check it out here.

Or that one…

Humanistic Psychotherapy

Being fond of his humanistic approach to psychotherapy and bright methods, we absolutely loved to support Dr. med. Dörfler in Switzerland, Zürich in building his new online presence.

(Yes… we also speak and write in German.)
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You'll may ask… what do we do exactly?
– Web Design
– Content Marketing
– Brand Strategy

What about you…

You see the big picture, right?

By working to create a better home for all of us, you pave the way to the next level of humankind and deserve some serious tailwind. We are here to support you in fulfilling your mission and eclipsing the bad actors of this world.

Three phases

How can we help you fulfill your mission, quickly?

You long for some fresh communication around your business? Alright, now let's also make sure that it will help you to reach your goals faster. This is how.

Phase 1


First, let's position your business in the market so that it hits resonance with the people you look for, growing and reaching maximum impact faster.

Phase 2


Let's build a website around engaging content that attracts visitors from social media and search engines, making your product or service appear on peoples horizon.

Phase 3


As soon as your offer is shining bright, you're ready to build a relationship with people that love it, gladly recommend it and come back for more.

We aim to create interstellar client experiences

"In 30 years of usually tiring experience with agencies…

… Growintoflow stands out to me as refreshingly different.

You can tell they have their own mission, a real interest in the subject and a quick comprehension, so they know which problems to tackle. I am convinced they could stand up to bigger players.

It feels redundant to say that I recommend working with these guys, the industry needs more of their kind."

Stefan Endlweber
CEO of Baukom Group
Minimize your risk

Our promise to changemakers

Our pledge is to surpass industry standards. Before we launch or publish, should you sincerely feel like you have misplaced your time and money with us, you will get a full 100% refund. Down to the last cent. Or penny. Or bitcoin.

10, 9, 8, …

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