»The look and feel is simply to the point!«

I knew nothing about growintoflow

At the time, they had no website of their own and a single off-topic reference. I was following a recommendation here and I still wasn't so sure about it. Well, after some talks about vision and business, my gut feeling was right and we hired them.

I wanted our landing page to be controversial and different from how we had communicated before. Well, that worked out: Fresh wording gets our message across perfectly and stands out from other agencies.

We almost entirely worked online

This works with video calls and live-feedback. These guys have remote work figured out, I didn't know it could go that smoothly.

The real-time customization in meetings was exiting. Feedback got implemented right away and led to a smooth final sprint toward project completion.

Right now, the landing page speeds up our work significantly and our sales team uses it daily. I don't know of any other company that has an equally concise summary of what they are about.

You can tell they have their own mission

They have a real interest in the subject and a quick comprehension, so they know which problems to tackle. I am convinced they could stand up to bigger players.

In 30 years of usually tiring experience with agencies, growintoflow stands out to me as refreshingly different. It feels redundant to say that I recommend working with these guys. I had a lot of fun working together, the industry needs more of their kind.

Stefan Endlweber, CEO of Baukom
about his new content campaign

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