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We are selective when it comes to our clients, but we are also willing to take on more risk for clients that meet our criteria. Get to know our selection process and win-win-guarantee.

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Meet our criteria

Who is this for?

Our service is dedicated to bright decision makers of an emerging circular economy who are determined to see their sustainable business grow.

This explicitly includes regenerative models of agriculture, since it is where the biological cycle is actually closed.

Risk fragility right now and tweak your systems because you can trust that it will pay off. Tackle this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of circular pioneering with confidence.

The greatest business people I've met are determined to get it right no matter what the cost.

Michael Gerber

Let's see if we're a fit!

With a mix of business inquiry and intuitive insight into what makes you tick, we will assess if we are a fit as business partners. We want us to click and share a mission.

We are aware of the need to prototype and iterate. You don't have to be there yet – if you're striking us as sincere and committed, we will help you get there.

Reduce your Risk


Should you ever be disappointed by our work, we will iterate until we have it right or you will get your money back – that is, before both sides have agreed on project completion.

We will only take what matches the results we agreed on and the value we create. Your sincere disappointment would be critical feedback for us to up our game.

Instead of minimum input, deceptive price quotes and a foul reputation we are fond of smooth collaboration and compelling results. We would wish for this to be the standard but as we are told, it's not.

So take this guarantee to heal from your past agency trauma.

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