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Make true sustainability irresistible

Imagine a world of truly green brands with a magical pull that people simply can't resist

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Founder Story

How we started to growintoflow

Our story started with a workshop on sustainable development that could have been positive and cheerful with a hands-on mentality.

But instead of young people itching to release their pioneering spirit and defy the odds, we have seen total paralysis in the face of global problems. This experience met fresh results from Ian's diploma thesis:

The web communication of Cradle to Cradle (C2C) inspired businesses doesn't meet the quality of their products – of all companies, it's all too often these that fail to communicate effectively in the digital space!

*HEADLINE* What about other companies?

At the same time, other 21st century companies grow at an unprecedented pace, impossible to imagine just 30 years ago – that is, growing exponentially by digital scaling to larger markets with incredible numbers in revenue.

So why is it that these companies, resolutely closing loops and solving an urgent problem of our species, aren't yet the biggest trees in the landscape of exponential scaling?

Why aren't these trailblazing companies having their brilliant products snatched out of their hands?

We struggled to find anyone to tackle this problem with determination or to even answer this question.

Talking to circular thought leaders

Just a few weeks after this discouraging workshop, we talked to Michael Braungart and Douglas Mulhall at a C2C research meeting.

We wanted to know first hand from circular thought leaders how the mass adoption of green innovation can take off. We got our answer:

Ten percent technology, ninety percent psychology.

Douglas Mulhall

Great, psychology has a special place in our hearts anyway. So what's missing? We have pondered this question a lot and some of the central obstacles seem to be:

  1. »Sustainability« has become a bore and untrustworthy, it has long been abused by crooked marketers throwing green strokes of paint on the same toxic waste as before

  2. Sustainable players fail to clearly communicate customer benefits, but purely environmental benefits fail to trigger decisive buying impulses in many people

  3. People doubt that »sustainable« translates into »high-quality« and are often left alone with their fears, not having their objections defused

These are joining the eternal rule that changing habits is a task of its own order of magnitude. Amazon allows for swift clicks on cheap products with a lot of stars and not think beyond.

So is this our fate? A world full of clever innovations with a promise of healthy disruption, that are lastly misperceived – or not perceived at all – because of the wrong psychological angle?

We don't think so.

Your investment into a greener future has to pay off – big time.

True sustainability needs to become irresistible.

Founder Team

Who is growintoflow?

Hiram Broemme, Chief Executive Officer & Designer at growintoflow

CEO & Designer

Hiram Broemme

Growing up between clay walls at the countryside, sustainability was a no-brainer. Sure we cycle – what else would we do?

Then I discovered my first design tool when I was 4 years old. My dad, an experienced brand designer with clients of every size and colour, gave directions and lend a hand.

I soon realized that I wanted to learn his craft, to master design and branding. At 11 years old, a decade of demanding apprenticeship began.

With a growing affection for lean digital systems and true sustainability, building growintoflow is just a logical sequel to my story.

Merlin Bola, Chief Marketing Officer & Texter at growintoflow

CMO & Texter

Merlin Eric Bola

I have been suspicious of marketing all my life, but now everything I do seems to converge at the idea of asserting marketing as a driver of true sustainability.

After having my childhood’s fire of curiosity almost extinguished by standard school education, I got hurled into an existential crisis by an ecological course of study.

We pretty well know what needs to happen, so what exactly are we doing here?

Searching for answers became a quest for spirituality, a deep infatuation for psychology and, finally, freely working across different fields of knowledge at a heart driven venture – you guessed it, growintoflow.

Ian Sinkwitz, Chief Innovation Officer & Strategist at growintoflow

CIO & Strategist

Ian Sinkwitz

Being born in the East of Germany in the 1990s meant growing up at a time of fundamental change and high hopes for a better life.

But along with new wealth and freedom the need for resources seemed to explode. One car in a yard became two, three or even more ten years later.

Quite intuitively I knew that the way our industrial systems work had to be changed. But what exactly could we do differently?

In search for answers, I studied economics and engineering just to find myself writing a diploma thesis about C2C and how to level up corporate communications for getting the circular idea into people’s minds.

I am glad to see my thesis now translate into what growintoflow tackles as a mission.


A marketers job done right

Marketing should be a driving force toward true sustainability, not sabotaging it by peddling toxic waste to set new records in quarterly digits.

We understand marketing as a gatekeeper of commercial success.

So those in command of the skills to change minds, influence behaviour and compell decisions have to use their power with care. The ability to steer collective sentiment comes with responsibility.

It's up to you, fellow marketers: Which businesses will win at your hands?

The Green Money Rule

To put purpose over profits is not to say that there should be no profits.

Actually, rather the opposite: World shaping streams of money have to finally align with a shared sense of destiny and our journey to a healthier way of living.

Enough of saving the world as a community service. What is money worth if it doesn’t support our health and growth?

It's simple: Green visionaries should not have to count pennies.

So what if…

What if human action can not only be less destructive to nature and climate but that we can, like trees, grow to truly benefit the world around us?

What if we would have a collective resounding NO to everything that stunts healthy growth and degrades the world our kids will inherit?

And what if we would rapidly assemble and spread the solutions of tomorrow, so that we can celebrate the daybreak of a new circular paradigm way sooner than we ever dared to expect?

There are hundreds, thousands of ways to support people to be how they want to be. Ninty-five percent of people are incredibly good, kind and engaged – if you give them the opportunity to be that way.

Michael Braungart, Co-Founder of Cradle to Cradle®

Core Principles

Five fingers you can count on

Every hand can do good. As our collective sense of true quality transforms, we are convinced that it will get ever more important for your mission and products to be a win for…

Your customers

Healthy materials, fair prices and a real understanding of quality – no toxic waste or dirty tricks. Just good deals and bright eyes on both sides.

Your community

We are all in this together and cooperation is proven to be a more effective strategy to win at life than competition. Have your community in mind when deciding what to do next.

Your business

A well set up business is able to create an impact way larger than any petition, so have it grow with confidence. Circularity will reward you with the competitive edge you need.

Your environment

We were born to find a lush planet before we started to abuse it. Are we smart enough to study design from nature and finally create a life-giving economy, allowing nature to recover?

Your kids

Will your actions of today pass the test of time and work just as well a hundred years from now? What kind of world will you have left behind when you are gone?

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So this is what we believe in …

… we're on the same page here? Great! Then reach out to us and figure out how we can get from words to actions.

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