Make true sustainability irresistible

Imagine a world of truly green brands with a magical pull that people simply can't resist

It all began with a workshop on sustainable development

We were looking forward to draft solutions in a high energy atmosphere. But instead of young people itching to defy the odds, we experienced total paralysis in the face of global problems.

This was shortly after fresh results from a friends diploma thesis:

The web communication of many Cradle to Cradle (C2C) inspired businesses doesn't meet the quality of their products.

While green pioneers fail to scale successfully in the digital space, other companies grow at an exponential pace that was impossible to imagine just 30 years ago.

So how are much needed innovators, trying to close loops and solve a pressing problem of our species, not yet the biggest trees in the landscape of exponential scaling?

Why don't they have their brilliant products snatched out of their hands?

The missing »How« to see green innovation win

Just a few weeks after this workshop, we asked circular thought leaders at a C2C research meeting: How can green innovation reach mass adoption?

Ten percent technology, ninety percent psychology. That's the key to massive change.

– Douglas Mulhall

Fabulous, psychology has a special place in our hearts anyway. So we chewed on this problem and some of the obstacles seem to be:

  • Sustainability has become a bore and untrustworthy
    Crooked marketers abused the term for too long, throwing green strokes of paint on the same toxic waste as before
  • Sustainable players fail to clearly communicate customer benefits
    But purely environmental benefits fail to trigger decisive buying impulses in people
  • People doubt that sustainable translates to high quality
    And are often being left alone with their fears, not having their objections defused

What's more? Changing habits is a task of its own order of magnitude.

So is this our fate? A world full of clever innovations with a promise of healthy disruption, failing because of the wrong psychological angle?

We couldn't stand it.

Your investment into a
greener future
has to pay off.

True sustainability and green innovation need to become irresistible.


Who is growintoflow?

Hiram Broemme, CEO & Design Director of Growintoflow
CEO & Design Director

Hiram Bolt

Growing up between clay walls at the countryside, sustainability was a no-brainer. Sure we cycle – what else would we do?

I discovered my first design tool when I was 4 years old. My dad, an experienced brand designer with clients of every size and colour, gave directions and lent a hand.

I soon realized that I wanted to learn his craft, to master design and branding. At 11 years old, a decade of demanding apprenticeship began.

With a growing affection for lean digital systems and true sustainability, building Growintoflow is just a logical sequel to my story.

Content Director

Eric Merlin Bola

Growing up, I was generally suspicious of marketing. All too often it lacked a spine, being instrusive just to sell pointless trash. It's both curious and fitting to now find myself here, with a mission to do it differently.

The future projections of an ecological course of study sparked an existential crisis, I couldn't help but really feel the implications of what I had learned: Ecosystems deteriorating, soil impoverishing and biodiversity shrinking.

As I tried to turn despair into a quest for positive impact, language and psychology grew to be my favourite tools to do so. Let’s make the right players stand out by applying scientific scrutiny without robbing visions.

Our Journey

From digital natives to digital nomads

In the November of 2021, we took off to Central America to find what we couldn’t find at our home in Germany:

A tropical zone of buzzing abundance, with trees full of juicy papayas and mangos. Now that we are here, we just can't get enough of those, so please let us gobble … all of them.

In tropical landscapes, we seek balance to the mental strain of daily screen time and inspiration to do better creative work.

Being »out here« is the right place for us: Having left our home and comfort zone to lend a look inward from outside, observing more clearly what’s going on and what we can do about it.

Anyway, this is the scenery you might experience in the background of our zoom calls:


A marketers job done right

To us, marketing is the gatekeeper of commercial success.

Those in command of the skills to change minds, influence behaviour and compell decisions have to use their power with care.

Honor commerce as the engine of change.

– William McDonough

So if change happens by commercial success, and commercial success is the result of marketing …

What if marketing would stand up to it's responsibility and become a driving force toward the daybreak of a global circular paradigm?

The Green Money Rule

Now, to put purpose over profits doesn’t say that there should be no profits.

Quite the opposite, actually. World shaping streams of money have to finally align with what's best for us as a species, not a greedy few.

Enough of saving the world as a community service. What is money worth if it doesn’t support healthy growth?

It's simple:

Green pioneers should not have to count pennies.

That’s what we’re here for.

Care, Guidance and Protection

One of our leading role models for sincere and effective marketing, Sean D'Souza, is using a definition for client from Webster's Dictionary that he resonated with and adopted right away.

We couldn't help but resonate aswell, and adopt it just the same. According to this definition, a client is someone under you care, guidance and protection.

We agree, 100%:

  • We select our clients and strive to make their mission our own, having the care part come easy and naturally
  • Having our minds in the future and monitoring market sentiment and emerging trends, we strive to guide – always expect honest answers, we don't do belly rubs
  • By solving problems before they can grow and reach your desk, we give our best to protect – count on us to create safeguards against future failure, be it technical or legal

While we are familiar with the formal elements of professional work, we wish to create personal bonds, really like our business partners and share a sense of meaning with you.

To us, time on earth is too valuable to work closely with people we don't care about and are unwilling to guide and protect.

Exclusively for green pioneers

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